Arpit Dhamane

Sep 15, 2020

3 min read

Apple Special Event, September 15th, 2020…Live Blog…

Let the time fly…

Apple website Screenshot
Apple website Screenshot

We are back again for the September event, almost 5 min to go…

This event will most likely be an announcement of new devices in the Apple Family.

Yeah the 3 cameras were great, but after today it will be history…

we will have to wait just a few minutes to find out what surprises apple has for us this year…

Alright this is it…

New logo, animating…Maybe they are showing some new effects they might have developed with the iPad and Pencil.

2 Products only, this is gonna disappoint fans.

Where is the iPhone

This year we will be discussing only Apple Watch and iPad.

Now we are listening to Apple Watch Benefits. Awesome.

Of course we will be taking benefits of apple watch even further, sure.

Apple Watch Series 6:

Most colorful line-up ever.

Product red is new color, wow

Blood Oxygen level, will be determined with this watch

15 sec and the blood Oxygen level.

Bye Bye Oximeters.

Processor S6 — Specially designed with 2 cores, for new Watch.

Elevation change given now real time.

New chronograph face, Roman numeric Face, Memoji face for watch lovely.

Faces now can be personalized even more

The Solo Loop No Buckle…Take my money…

Braided solo loop also…common…Leave something for the competitors…

Now we are talking, without iPhone we can use the iPhone.

Add privacy settings, notification and location updates and tracking also.

Memoji can be created in the watch itself.

School Time Mode.

Cellular model will be needed for Family Setup.

We weren’t expecting this.

They are providing cellular models in this SE watch also, with family setup, and all the sensors.

Equipped with watch OS 7

SE : 249$

Series 6 : 399$

Now showing, how apple has gone green.

The future of health is on your wrist.

Fitness + :

New service,

A perfect workout companion.

Ramdev baba need to up their game now.

Price : 9.99$ per month or 79.99$ for whole year

Apple One :

All the services in one place

Apple iCloud

Apple Music

Apple Arcade

Apple Movies

Apple News+

Apple Fitness+

Family plan can be shared with max 5 members.

Apple iPad:

10 years of iPad

iPad 8th generation.

Yeah the new processor is X times faster in each and every aspect to its predecessor.

We are directly compering with android and chrome book, wow.

Hand written notes to typed text.

Scribble, hand written characters in text fields.

Price: 329$

The Blue logo was used here, for the new iPad Air

Liquid Retina display

10.9 inch.

2360 X 1640 resolution.

Touch Id, integrated on the Touch Button.

A new chip for the iPad Air, why not, and its powerful.

A14 Bionic. 5nm (Nanometer process)

This time they are not talking about increased battery life…surprising.

Many new and improved features and performance of the A14 on the iPad.

The lightning charger is gone. Type C is here

The Pencil attaches to the side of the iPad Air, sure, no searching for the lost pencil anymore.

Finally Many environment friendly features in iPad.

Now will there be iPhone…?

No new iPhone…How long will we have to wait…

This is not good, not good…!

Looks like this is it.